December 2021: Darren Gough, Y Drive

December 2021: Darren Gough, Y Drive -

Who is YDrive:
YDrive PTY LTD is a regional NSW SME, and in partnership with our university and corporate partners, we deployed the 1st autonomous vehicles in Newcastle (NSW), and Hobart (Taz). Our Focus areas are: 1) to build Real Autonomous Driving education systems and 2) to leverage the World Saving tech, which is Mikro Logistics to reduce our impact on the environment, our goal is 1.5 degrees by 2031.

Looking through your website, three key elements jump out: Autonomous, Micro Logistics, Zero emissions. Briefly tell us how all of these elements make up YDrive:

YDrive is removing carbon from logistics, by redefining how local logistics are experienced. The current logistics models move people to fetch stuff. By moving stuff without people on board, we substantially reduce the impact of these logistics on the environment. Logistics that reduce the price and so enable many more business to trade within local communities, while reducing the need for me to ‘to pull the car out’. Autonomous Logistics promises to  save us time, while improving safety and saving the environment. Lofty goals for one technology, wouldn’t you agree? is where we merge various technologies to make it possible to realise these promises.

Autonomous vehicles have been a hot topic, often misunderstood. What are the two most asked questions people ask you and your response?
I don’t clearly have two most asked questions, but I have an answer and a question. Sometimes I describe wanting to use an autonomous car, is like wanting a whisk when all you need is a spoon. We already have autonomous transport, its called a bus or a train. Interestingly many cars have the Advanced Driver Assistive Systems (ADAS) that can make it seem your car is autonomous on a highway. Autonomous transport is possible, but does Australia need Autonomous transport? Autonomous Logistics is a totally different topic. The answer is yes, and yes we need this today.

How do communities or commercial hubs qualify for a ”mikrohood’ to be built?
Imagine 2.5 Km from a central commercial centre, and draw a circle, this we call a Mikro Hood. Within the Mikro Hood, we are able to save users time and money while ensuring they still get their usual stuff from the shops. Any community that wants to improve the local logistics for any service, food, medicine or post qualifies to deploy

Can we expect to see Y-Drive in Port Stephens?
This is a “Media Exclusive” to On the Couch with Mel: March 2022 in Medowie. And we will be visiting schools from February 2022 to speak with students.

What’s the big picture for Y-Drive?
Australia is a nation full of dynamic and courageous people. We need courage to face an uncertain future and YDrive wants to provide the tools that enable Australians to imagine and then to create the digital future we want. We are Australianising existing technologies to gain an advantage in our struggle to realise the largest reduction in Co2 and Methane emissions possible within 10 years.

How about you? What are some of your favourite digs in Port Stephens? Shout out to your fav locals…(restaurant, coffee haunt, trade etc.)
The 14 years of living in Port Stephens have been the my best years. My favourite hobby in Port Stephens is the diving, Broughton island, and the learner spot Boat Harbour, where I taught my kids. Incredible area for anyone who dives, and if you have not tried diving you are missing a local gift. My Shout out: Bollywood Kebabs and Curry, you cannot go past without smelling fresh ingredients and spices, which you taste in the freshly made curries.

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