January 2022: Fiona Brown, YOUtopia WELLbeing

January 2022: Fiona Brown, YOUtopia WELLbeing -

Tell us about your current business. What do you offer, how long you’ve been there, size of your business?

My business, YOUtopia WELLbeing, fits into the personal development space.  The core of my business is personal leadership development and NLP coaching, public speaking coaching, Hypnotherapy and Matrix Therapies.  I work with individuals and groups, both in person at my space in Boat Harbour as well as online.  My business began in Mudgee 15 years ago and ran alongside my 35 year nursing career until I let go of nursing completely in 2020 to focus solely on my personal development work.  I also contract to and collaborate with others to deliver programs such as a Women In Leadership development program for the Hunter/Central Coast.

On a good day what do you love most about being in business?

I can’t actually say that I don’t have a ‘good day’ in my work.  What I love most is witnessing the profound and positive change that my clients experience.  People come to me feeling stuck in unhelpful emotions or old patterns of behaviour (aka groundhog day); unsure of their next steps; lacking in confidence, direction and motivation; feeling unseen or not heard; fearful of change; and generally feeling crappy about themselves or their life.  After working with me they have much greater confidence, clearer boundaries and the ability to communicate them to others, more helpful habits, a renewed sense of self and purpose, more empowering beliefs, goals achieved, and resources to use for the future.  I also really love the flexibility that working for myself brings.

In terms of you and your business, what are you most proud of?

Firstly my clients and the achievements they have made.  It takes vulnerability and guts to ask for help… I really admire that!  Things can only get better if you recognise that something needs to change and do something about it.  I’m proud of receiving state awards for the youth leadership development program I managed for many years; co-facilitating volunteer goal-setting and personal development workshops in India; becoming an Amazon No1 bestselling co-author twice in the last 15 months; and being flexible to meet the challenges of the past couple of years.

What would you say is your ‘super power’?

Without a doubt…. communication!  I have a gift for helping people put their unexpressed thoughts and feelings into words, their ‘ramblings’ into a sharp pitch or speech, and giving their doubts and hesitation a confident voice.  Understanding and mastering both verbal and non-verbal communication skills is a key that has opened many doors for me, both in business and personally. 

What strategies do you use to try and keep a work/life balance?

I walk my talk.  I wouldn’t be good at what I do without having that balance.  It’s very important for me to live and lead by example.  I go for walks on the beach and fishing with my hubby, schedule in quality time with friends, garden (as best as I can in sand), roller skate, meditate, and read a lot.

What do you love about being part of the business community in Port Stephens?

I see our business community as progressive, resilient and proactively wanting to help each other out, and that really resonates with me.  I enjoy being a part of five different networking groups and am President of Port Stephens Women in Business.  Each group is very different, but all have helped me in terms of a greater sense of connection, support and referrals.

What do you enjoy doing when you don’t have your business hat on?

Other than my work/life balance activities, when I give myself extended ‘downtime’ I love camping and bushwalking, and catching up for a meal and a laugh with my 8 siblings and their families.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about starting a business, what would it be?

With permission, I have two…..

1. Go into business doing something that you love so it never feels like work.

2. Don’t try and do it all on your own – ask for help and outsource the parts of your business that you’re not so great at.  

Why did you choose to become a member of BPS?

That’s a ‘no brainer’.  We are the average of our environment.  If we want to be great at anything, we need to spend time with others who are great.  That’s what I’m doing.

Fiona offers a FREE 30min chat that can be booked here.

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