July 2022: Karin Hensley from Angel Tots

July 2022: Karin Hensley from Angel Tots -

Tell us about yourself and Angel Tots
My husband Steven and I bought Gumnuts, in May 2018. We changed the name to Angel Tots Early Learning Centre. This is our only Centre and we love every moment of this adventure. We are a 56 place centre and have an amazing team of Educators welcoming the children every day. Steven is our handy man – sometimes this is a full time job! I am a teacher by profession, but also have a qualification as a Laboratory Tech. Steven and have owned our own business since 2000. This was in medical supplies though.

If a new parent enrolled their child at Angel Tots what could they expect?
Although it takes a little while to settle in, our aim is to let each new little one feel included and loved from day one. Our hope is that the parents will also quickly feel part of the Angel Tots community. 

Tell us about your philosophy at Angel Tots?
To summarise: It takes a village to raise a child! Something new happens every day.

What’s the best thing about operating a child care centre in Port Stephens?
It is having a positive impact on children younger than 5. I love this age. The honesty and cuteness is to die for. 

Shout out to your favourite businesses in Port Stephens: dining, shopping, services…

  • I buy my morning coffee from SATRA in Salamander Bay -Yumm! 
  • and we love David at The Cafe in Shoal Bay.
  • Iron Door Craft Street food is highly recommended. 
  • Hannah Bowman Photography…she is the best
  • Corey at Let It flow plumbing is amazing….These are just a few!

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