May 2022: Shannon Craddock, Local Clicks

May 2022: Shannon Craddock, Local Clicks -

Tell us a bit about you and Local Clicks
Where to start? Well, I’m a passionate Sydney Swans fan, that’s AFL for all the NRL lovers out there, I love to travel and experience different cultures. I remember back in 2016 I spent a few months in India and that opened my eyes and it was an extremely humbling experience, I also try to spend a bit of time in Vanuatu every year, to see how happy the people of Vanuatu are and how little they have, it just gives you perspective which I feel is extremely beneficial in business and life.

Local Clicks is a brand and business I am very proud of, you see the last two years have been extremely difficult for many businesses and being in the digital arena now for well over 10 years I’ve always known of this huge disconnect between the price of digital services agencies charge and what businesses can actually afford and the pandemic just highlighted this massive gap between a businesses marketing budget and the thousands of dollars agencies charge for SEO and Websites even more.

So, I decided to rebrand my digital agency to Local Clicks and created a whole new business plan with the small to medium business owner in mind. I wanted to offer all business owners Affordable Digital Services that delivered results! Pretty simple and we achieved exactly that.

You see, every business owner wants Phone Calls and Customers. So, all the digital services Local Clicks offers are around increasing phone calls and a businesses customer base, we track everything through our Local Clicks reporting portal which is this amazing piece of technology we developed that actually shows you the phone calls we have delivered though our marketing strategies, it also shows you where you rank on Google and many other important data and statistics relevant to the business.

I mentioned we are affordable and I believe we are the most affordable digital agency in Australia. Our digital services start from $7 a day and we guarantee results! All work is done right here in Australia we do not outsource or send any work overseas and honestly any agency that does that is really dodgy.

So in a nutshell we are Australian owned, operated, Local and affordable!

What is one service every business should have with Local Clicks?
“Google My Business Management”, every business needs this service because it delivers results. We have clients that receive over 100 phone calls a month because of this service and its completely changed their business in a positive way.

How does Local Clicks survive in such a saturated marketplace?
There are so many digital agencies today and many have no idea about marketing or digital strategies, what’s worse is most of the digital agencies here in Australia outsource their work to India or Pakistan which is extremely dangerous for the businesses of those agencies and its just not right as this is something agencies do not need to disclose to customers, as I said its just dodgy.

Local Clicks survives and is successful for three main reasons and these are also the three reason business decide to work with us.

  1. We are Australian Owned and Operated, we do not outsource
  2. We are Affordable
  3. We deliver the results businesses want!

Why doesn’t Local Clicks have a shop or an office?
I get asked this a lot and many business owners feel if they can’t meet you in an office than you’re not a professional company. I’d like to think this has changed with everything we have been though the last two years working from home but simply Local Clicks doesn’t have an office because all our consultants are mobile meaning they will come to you and meet at your business or meet at a café if you prefer. Truth be told I’ve had a few meetings at Mavericks where they may have been a few beers, to me its not about where you meet but the outcome of the meeting, like developing a successful strategy that’s in-line with the clients’ goals.

What do you like to do during your down time?
We live in such a beautiful part of the world with white sandy beaches and lush bushland I try to get out as much as I can, even if that’s a 20-minute walk at lunch just to get up and away from the laptop.

Weekends are for exploring the Hunter Valley wineries, AFL, friends and family, I have two pugs so they are very demanding but luckily they also like to sleep after they eat so they are well fed.
I’ve also started to get back into golf which has been expensive with all the golf balls I lose but its also very peaceful and relaxing being out in the open, we have some stunning golf courses right here in our backyard, id have to say Horizons would be my favourite.

Shout out your favourite PS business (restaurant, café, shop, service)
So with no office I do tend to visit many of the establishments around Nelson Bay. Most mornings you’ll find me at Bay Hut Café or Little Nel, our favourite restaurant would have to be Little Beach Boat house they have an amazing restaurant upstairs and a beautiful tapas bar downstairs, if you haven’t been check them out.

To contact Shannon:

0450 626 321