November 2021: Greg Wells, Custom Built Projects NSW

November 2021: Greg Wells, Custom Built Projects NSW -

Q: Tell me a bit about your business, when you started, how you started?
I’ve always had a passion for construction and first entered the industry as an eager young carpentry apprentice at the age of 15. I then created my first company Mates Rates Carpentry at the age of 19, followed by another successful company Nelson Bay Bathrooms. The projects just seemed to be getting bigger and bigger and local designers and architects started referring us for major renovations.

That’s when I decided that I wanted to move into building homes and major renovations which was how Custom Built Projects NSW was formed in 2015. Naturally, when you enjoy doing something, you tend to do it well, so helping bring my clients’ dreams to life, along with being involved in every stage of the building process is something I pride myself on. Looking beyond 2021, we currently have more than 20 new build homes in Port Stephens and Newcastle scheduled which we’re extremely excited about.

Q: There seem to be more Custom Built trucks in town then Woolworths home delivery vans at the moment and you seem to be sponsored by Toyota Hilux? How many are in your team?
We do have a few vehicles on the road and I certainly wouldn’t say no to a Toyota sponsorship! Having so many active sites our site managers, supervisors and project team members are always out and about. Our company has grown considerably over the past few years and I now manage 25 full-time staff and 100 contractors.

Q; Do you take on apprentices? How important are they to your business? Is there a skill shortage for your business in Port Stephens?
I really enjoy teaching and mentoring the Apprentices and they’re a valued part of our company and something I invest heavily in. We have seven full-time apprentices in our team including two mature-aged apprentices. We will also soon be launching a community mentorship program where we will be working with local high schools on an initiative giving school leavers and young people the opportunity to kick start a career in construction.

Q: With the new TAFE coming online soon, would having trade courses benefit your business?
Absolutely. TAFE courses are of great benefit to both the student and the employer. Being online makes courses more accessible for students who perhaps wouldn’t consider the course if travel is an issue. From an employer’s perspective courses assist with the skills shortage in the bay area which means we can keep employment local and support our own community.

Q: What are the biggest impacts on your business?
The supply chain disruptions brought on by the pandemic, skilled labour shortages and logistics.

Q: Shout out your favourite local business (restaurant, café, pub, service)
I have so many favourites – Maret Larnach Styling, Satra Coffee, The Point Restaurant, Show Plumbing and George Road Timbers are all great, as are all of our suppliers.

Q: What’s your favourite thing to do during down time
I love spending time outdoors and with my fiancé, whether it’s on our farm in One Mile or boating and fishing. I also love car racing!

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