March 2023: Footprints Podiatry

March 2023: Footprints Podiatry -
The team at Footprints Podiatry Salamander Bay

Tell us a bit about Footprints Podiatry Salamander Bay?

Footprints Podiatry Salamander Bay is a trusted provider of quality podiatry services in the Salamander Bay area. Established with the goal of improving the foot health of the community, the clinic has since expanded to include locations in Anna Bay, Soldiers Point, and Medowie. The team, consisting of 8 podiatrists and 3 friendly receptionists, is dedicated to delivering individualised and effective treatments for all foot and ankle conditions. With a commitment to patient care and satisfaction, Footprints Podiatry Salamander Bay is proud to provide podiatry services to the Port Stephens community.

What are the five most important things people should do to look after their feet?

1)      Wear comfortable shoes: Make sure your shoes fit properly and provide enough support. Avoid shoes that are too tight, too loose or do not feel comfortable.

2)      Exercise your feet: Regular exercise can improve circulation and help prevent disease that affects foot health.

3)      Check your feet regularly: Inspect your feet regularly for any changes, cuts, blisters, or other foot problems. If you notice something concerning consult a podiatrist or doctor.

4)      Visit a podiatrist: Regular visits to a podiatrist can help identify and prevent potential foot problems before they become serious. They can also provide advice on proper foot care and give you customized orthotics or other treatments as needed.

5)      Give your feet time to breath: Allow time out of shoes and socks allowing your feet to dry and be free. This can help prevent fungal infections and improve overall foot health.  

Did you pivot the business during covid and if so have you kept these new ways now?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our practice was classified as an essential service, allowing us to remain open and provide crucial care to those in need. In response to the pandemic, we made a conscious effort to increase availability for home visits, thereby reducing the risk of exposure for both patients and staff. However, due to the nature of our business, we did not change too much from pre covid times.

What do you love about being part of the business community in Port Stephens?

Being a part of the business community in Port Stephens is a rewarding experience for Footprints podiatry Salamander Bay. The vibrant and supportive community provides a wealth of opportunities for networking and collaboration with other local businesses. The beautiful location of ‘the bay’ attracts a steady stream of visitors and residents who value their health and well-being, creating a strong demand for health and wellness services such as podiatry. Another aspect we enjoy is the strong sense of community and close-knit relationships in Port Stephens, which foster a welcoming and supportive environment for businesses.

Why did you choose to be a member of BPS and how does it benefit the business?

We chose to be a member so we could be better connected to the businesses of Port Stephens. We wanted to be part of the business community and further our connections within the area. We also appreciate the work that BPS does for our business community and want to be a part of that. The benefits have been about connecting with other businesses and people to gain more insight and understanding of the community we are surrounded by. We also have been overwhelmed by the support that BPS provides through its social media channels to promote the businesses that are in Port Stephens. 

What fun things do you like to do on your days off in Port Stephens?

I think spending time at the many incredible beaches is high on the list. You can almost always find a beach that is sheltered from the weather, from the calm bays to the small secluded ocean beaches or really big long beaches!! They provide so many possibilities to walk the dog, run, surf, swim, or fish. 

Shout out to your favourite Port Stephens businesses: cafes, shops, services, activities, whatever!

Well, we a grateful for so many businesses in the bay that makes our business possible! We thank the medical practices and doctors for all their hard work and the other allied health practitioners that complete the circle of care that is needed for the community to stay in control of their health. A shout out to Two Bobs bakery for all the great bread and treats we look forward to regularly.  

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