Brief for research into the viability and the creation of a business case for the establishment of a tertiary education facility in Nelson Bay. This facility it to have the capacity to meet the current and future needs of the key industries on the Tomaree Peninsula.

  • Conduct research into existing Secondary and Tertiary Facilities on the Tomaree Peninsula to establish whether we are meeting the needs including identifying whether there are any gaps.
  • Provide an insight into students who are currently undertaking tertiary training outside the Peninsula and who are commuting or have been forced to relocate. For example, does a little of the “Brain Drain” syndrome exist as many may never return to the local work place.
  • Research the needs for such a facility on the Tomaree Peninsula from the relevant industries. This will include liaison with the industries including Peak Bodies and employers.
  • Conduct community, students and business polling to source feedback, attitudes and recognition on whether there is adequate and appropriate Tertiary Education facilities on the Tomaree Peninsula
  • Identify Public Transport serviceability and adequacy for existing or future students undertaking external tertiary studies who reside on the Peninsula and is it an impediment to their educational opportunities or who may in fact have been forced to relocate.
  • Conduct research into what would be a desirable Tertiary education facility in Nelson Bay and what it would look like in terms of services offered. For example, could it also provide an incubator type activity for emerging/innovative or start-up businesses . In undertaking this research investigate what other models have been established in Regional Areas including CUC’s.[Country University Centres]
  • Research into the benefits including economic, employment and social that potentially would arise from establishing a suitable facility. For example, will the relevant industries and general community embrace and support the facility.
  • Source the unmet needs from Businesses that provide staffing for the key industries on the Tomaree Peninsula e.g. employment agencies
  • Is there any evidence we are importing external personnel resources to support the key industries because we do not have adequate local expertise?

Connect with Port Stephens Council to establish whether if

  • There are any impediments to establishing such a facility and if not, how they can assist.
  • They have data etc that may support the establishment of such a facility.


Tertiary Education Proposal for the Tomaree Peninsula

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Premier Press Release | Gladys Berejiklian

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Response to the Press Announcement today from the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Tertiary Education in Nelson Bay

The Tomaree Business Chamber President Leah Anderson commented that the future State of the Art TAFE facility to be located in Nelson Bay announced today by the Premier will not only be an outstanding Education Asset for the Tomaree Peninsula but will provide a much-needed Economic boost to the Nelson Bay Town Centre. The Town Centre has been struggling for some years to a large degree due to the ongoing expansion of the Salamander Bay business precinct.

The proposed TAFE has the potential to meet some of the current and future educational needs of the Tomaree Peninsula particularly for the Trades and Hospitality/Tourism industries as well as Aged Care and also having adequate skilled medically trained personnel to meet our aging and growing population.

The Tomaree Peninsula with its almost 30,000 residents has a median age of 52 compared to the Australian median age of 38 so we need to have a skilled work force to meet current and future needs. Research has already revealed that numerous Tomaree residents are travelling to Newcastle and elsewhere for further education. This has reinforced the need for this community to identify the need for additional tertiary facilities on the Tomaree Peninsula to meet industry needs which has been also reflected in recent research carried out by a Newcastle University researcher on our behalf. The Chamber some time ago established a Tomaree Peninsula Tertiary Education Working Group which includes industry groups, educators and members of the community to reinforce the need for additional local Tertiary education and accordingly we believe the proposed TAFE college will be a great asset to this community.

Release from RAI on Regional Employemt

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